Front elevation of the Chapel prior to alterations for wheelchair access to the side door.
Ramped wheelchair access to side door.
Ramped wheelchair access to side door.


H. Mobbs, Lion Foundry, Northampton.

…….To the undiscerning eye the Chapel looks like a typical 19th century ecclesiastical building. But closer inspection reveals some fascinating architectural features. The cast iron gates at the threshold bear the name of the manufacturers on the lock carrier: Mobbs of Northampton. Mobbs was a fairly large business in the late 19th century, having taken over another similar concern. The company operated until around 1929. The gates will have been cast at either the Lion or Vulcan Foundries in the Swan Street area of Northampton…….

Update : During 2012, whilst undergoing other alterations at the Chapel, the gates were cleaned down revealing a raised figure of a lion on the lock carrier thus confirming the gates were cast at the “Lion foundry” Northampton.


 Website under c-o-n-s-t-r-u-c-t-i-o-n


 Slate tablet.



Late 18th. century brickwork courses on the east wall of the Chapel.

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